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    I've used TransferRoom since day 1. I've seen it as a big help to me, it's helped to educate me and to open doors with other clubs.
    David Weir
    Technical Director, Brighton & Hove Albion
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Manisa FK Manisa FK
Manisa set up key deal within 24 hours on TransferRoom
After finding success within weeks of joining the platform, TransferRoom has quickly become the go-to daily tool for the recruitment department at Turkish club, Manisa FK
The contact to Mafra came about through TransferRoom and we were able to fulfil the player's wish. We had a match very quickly and we saved a lot of time.
Olcay Turhan
Chief Scout, Manisa FK

In a bid to find a fast solution for wantaway midfielder Guevin Tormin, Manisa used the pitch player feature to alert multiple clubs in western Europe to the Frenchman’s availability in their first transfer window on TransferRoom.

Before joining TransferRoom such a predicament could have led the Turkish club to relying on costly intermediaries and their subsequent networks to find a new home for Tormin.

But having instant access to the requirements of more than 650 clubs from 100 leagues in over 60 countries meant Manisa could build their own network, enabling them to go directly to decision makers.

And the result was Portuguese club CD Mafra declaring interest in signing Tormin on loan within 24 hours of Manisa’s pitch.

Olcay Turhan, Chief Scout of Manisa, explains: “We brought Tormin from France [Chateauroux] with great expectations, but he found it difficult to adapt. His wish was to play in continental Europe again. The contact to Mafra came about through TransferRoom and we were able to fulfil the player's wish. 

“We had a match very quickly and we saved a lot of time.”

Instant success has made the platform a key part of Turhan and the rest of the recruitment department’s arsenal at Manisa.

Even if transfers do not materialise the pitch feature enables the club to better understand the requirements of other teams worldwide and reach out directly to decision makers.

Turhan adds: “I use the platform almost every day. I find the pitch option very exciting. Even if there is no transfer, we can see which teams and positions are looking for players. Conversely, the clubs see which players we want to give up.

“It's always nice to evaluate players via the pitch option and make clubs pay attention. Of course, you have direct communication to the people, you can contact them directly, which is a huge advantage for everyone involved.”

Key benefits
  • Loaned out Guevin Tormin to CD Mafra
  • Built new networks with club decision makers
  • Helps recruitment team on daily basis
  • Make clubs pay attention to your players
  • Save time in the transfer market
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