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    I've used TransferRoom since day 1. I've seen it as a big help to me, it's helped to educate me and to open doors with other clubs.
    David Weir
    Technical Director, Brighton & Hove Albion
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Always be ready to hire the right Head Coach
Maintain a shortlist of suitable candidates and gain access to their Trusted Agent, so you can act quickly whenever you need to recruit your next Head Coach. Introducing CoachFinder.
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Avoid costly mistakes when recruiting a Head Coach

Quickly identify all relevant candidates
Make data-driven decisions based on unique TransferRoom metrics
Directly contact a Head Coach’s Trusted Agent.

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Intelligence personalised to your team

Quickly assess whether a Head Coach would be a good fit for your current squad of players. TransferRoom's unique Suitability metric takes into account the experience, playing style and formations  used by a Head Coach compared to your players. 


Don't rely on the usual suspects

Search and filter a worldwide database of candidates, including those who may not be part of your immediate network. Expand your options globally and increase the likelihood of finding a strong match. 

Spend your time more wisely

As a Trusted Agent on a global network, players will see your deal history and track record. Instead of waiting for you to find them, players can come directly to you.

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Gain a competitive, data-driven edge

Access comprehensive analytics that show a Head Coach's impact both on and off the pitch, including on team rating, expected goals and squad value. Make decisions based on facts, not instincts. 

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Cut out costly intermediaries

Find out who a Head Coach's Trusted Agent is and make direct contact with them, straight from the Coach's profile. Speak to an attractive candidate faster and make the right hire sooner, as well as reducing the cost to recruit them. 

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